Affiliate Organizations

The Frontiers International Foundation, Inc.

To increase the good health and well being of the minority community, along with volunteering, compassion for individuals and families struggling with the scourges of a variety of afflictions, youth etiquette and mentoring.

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Junior Frontiers

One major effort of Frontiers International Incorporated, has been to assist in the development of our youth through Junior Frontiers clubs.

Several local clubs have met that challenge and others are developing Junior Frontiers clubs, which are a part of the local clubs.

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Coordinating Council

Coordinating Council, formerly known as Frontiers Auxiliary, is a group of local clubs throughout the United States that are independently and collectively established for service in each community.

Each Club functions through one of 7 Districts, holds its meetings, elects officers, designs and implements raising of funds and distributing service in its own way.

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